Video-opname Digitale Content Marketing Congres (Engels) #DMCM15

September 2015 vonden de (video-)opnamen plaats voor het internationale Digitale Content Marketing Congres (#DMCM15). 

De uitzendingen vinden plaats in de congresweek 5 tot 9 oktober 2015!


We believe that the world and the consumer are changing faster than ever due to the influence of the digital revolution – and that new techniques are necessary  to influence the heart and minds of today’s consumers. 


During the DCMC (Digital Content Marketing Congress) we will share our insights and experiences in the world of digital content marketing and give a platform to leading national and international speakers.

  • Find out how digital content marketing offers opportunities for your company.
  • Learn how to generate new leads and prospects with digital content marketing.
  • Understand how and why the consumer has changed.
  • Discover how companies are successful through digital content marketing.
  • Learn from professionals how to apply this within your own company.
  • Get in touch with professionals



  • The DCMC 2015 will be held from 5 to 9 October 2015 and is completely free.
  • Today, the DCMC is a 100% digital event and it’s only possible to follow through a stream. After the presentation, you can ask questions via a live web chat.
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  • Mediaforta organises the DCMC together with her partners.